WLT-ASA demo build Unity.

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The git hub build for WLT-ASA just crashes after I build to the headset and move a space point and try to save(publish), even though I have a new azure account. (My account used to work on that old tutorial, and we've got it working on a new guid place to save it so it's not a bad azure account, (the account works)).

I do publish with the sample program and it just crashes after a start. I'm probably missing something, but I'd like to use the anchors (multiples would be great) plus WLT+ Spacepins and figure out how well they work together in our big spaces (having multiple anchors would be a plus, but I'm not sure how they'd all compute in unity). We have a big space with, just walls, so our headsets are losing their position every so often.

As an aside, Is there a good way to make 4 or 5 anchors in a big room and somehow compile/get that data into a transform? We're trying to show helmets on heads, which works fine from a single point with PUN, but over a large space, it's kind of difficult and I don't know how to proceed.

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