What tools can I use to identify the cause of high CPU utilization on Azure Database for MySQL

Bjorn Hansen 1 Reputation point

I have an instance of Azure Database for MySQL server which the azure portal reports has a fairly constant 35% CPU utilization.

I've tried running show processlist; to see if there is a query running that might explain the CPU usage, but it's all azure_superuser running the Sleep command (and two entries related to my connection and show processlist query).

The CPU usage has been pretty constant for at least the past month, with the exception of when I tried restarting the server, which resulted in a brief drop to about 6%, and a fairly steady climb back to 35% over the next 6 hours. I've also tried stopping all of the services that connect to this database, but it did not impact the CPU utilization.

Are there any other tools or techniques available to me that I'm missing that might help me identify the source of the utilization?

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Azure Database for MySQL
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  1. Mike Ubezzi 2,771 Reputation points

    Hi @Bjorn Hansen - Please take a look at the following TechCommunity Blog: Azure Database for MySQL Performance Troubleshooting Basics

    It takes you through Server level and Query level troubleshooting steps, and instead of rehashing those steps as a reply here, please read through the blog post and leverage the information pertaining to your issue.

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