VS 2022 Community WPF C# .Net 6 - Is it possible to use Servers / Data Connections / Model design functionnalities with MariaDB as database?

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Hi, I need to create a desktop application that will use MariaDB as database (in local for Dev and then in remote for PROD on a Synology). I tried to create my development environment on my local machine (Windows 11). I installed MariaDB 10.3.29, with nuget manager I installed Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Tools / Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Design / MySqlConnector / Pomelo.EntityFrameworkCore.MySql.
I created a ConnectionString and developed a function to receive in a MessageBox the content of a file --- it works. Now I tried to use in Visual Servers / Data Connections / Model design functionnalities but I'm not successful in connecting, creating datasource or design a model using the offered options... I had a look to dozen of docs and explanations on Internet but I'm not able to make it works... At this point I'm wondering if such options are available using MariaDB or what I'm missing to make it run. Could someone help me? Thanks in advance.

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