Service Account has an Outlook Rule to Forward emails to Distribution Group. Emails are not sent

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A SharePoint workflow has been setup. A service account email has been setup to automatically send email notifications from the SharePoint workflow. The emails are email templates with data fields.

A business request is for the groups specific emails to be sent to the group Distribution List.

The simple solution is to create an Outlook Rule for the service account to Automatically Forward to the DL.

  1. Apply This rule after the message arrives
    The Rule checks for specific words in the body of the email. These are the words or
    1st: ManagerName1
    1st: ManagerName2
    1st: ManagerName3
    1st: ManagerName4
    1st: ManagerName5
    1st: ManagerName6
    2nd: ManagerName6
  2. Forward it to people or public group
    select my group
  3. Turn on this rule, click Finish

The results

  1. Personal Inbox - Test the rule
    I create the rule on my Inbox, and send to a Test distribution list.
    The results: the rule successfully runs. Monitors my inbox for the conditions, if the conditions are met Forwards to the DL.
  2. Service Account email - Apply the exact rule to the service account
    If I select the checkbox Run this rule now on messages already in ‘inbox’ and Turn on this rule
    The results. The rule runs once, and that’s it.

I have done the following without success.

  1. Created a new Outlook profile
  2. Determine if it’s related to rules prevented to run on the service account email. In the service account email, create a new Rule, to automatically move emails into a subfolder. This rule runs successfully.

Is there a policy that prevents Outlook rules from AutoForwarding emails from a shared service account.
Note: I do not have access to the Exchange server.
3. looked online and found the following article

not sure if its applicable.

Any ideas?

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  1. Kael Yao-MSFT 37,576 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @dd _

    How can I get the service account Automatically forwarded message in the Sent Items Folder?

    I suppose this is the expected behavior, since the forward action of the Outlook rule is processed on server (Exchange) side.
    Thus Outlook wouldn't save a copy in the Sent Items folder.
    However, the recipients would still receive the forwarded message and you may see the forward events in message trace.

    As a workaround, would it be possible to create a mail flow rule on Exchange side for the audit purposes?
    You can create a rule like:

    It would add the service account to the Bcc field once the service account forwards emails, which would leave a copy of the forwarded emails in the inbox of the service account mailbox.

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