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.NET Core app service shutting down on Linux

I'm am experimenting with a .NET Core 2.2 application on a Linux App Service. After awhile I will see the default "Hey .Net Core developers!" screen. When I look through my application logs, I have a bunch of exceptions happening due to issues in my code. I do have "Always On" enabled in the App Service settings. My questions are:

1) Is there some kind of configuration that tells the dotnet process to exit if a certain number of exceptions occur? If so, how can I turn that off?

2) In my startup settings for the App Service, I have my Startup Command as 'dotnet /home/site/wwroot/MyMVCAssembly.dll'. It seems like this command runs when the Docker container starts, which is fine.. but after the container is started, if that dotnet process dies for some reason, there's nothing that restarts it.

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