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Issues with random slow requests to Azure SQL Database from AKS

We currently have a collection of apps running in AKS (UK South Region) that connect to Azure SQL DBs (Also UK South Region). Most of the time connections and queries take ~10ms but every so often (1/50-100) a single request increases to 1s according to Application Insights. When looking at the database we see that the query is still taking a ~10 of milliseconds.

The databases are relatively small (couple thousand rows) and we've tried Basic/Standard (10 DTUs and 200 DTUs) and seen no change in behaviour.

The apps are running also don't appear to be hitting any resource limits looking at AKS Monitoring.

This is happening across multiple apps/databases/servers

Any ideas on what could be causing the issues, we've not found anything in the database (no deadlocks/high wait times etc.)


Most requests (~90%)


Other times:
It appears to be random different queries each time

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@PeterGerrard-6626 Thank you for posting your Question on Microsoft Q&A and for using Azure services.

From my understanding you are facing a performance issue for your Azure SQL databases connected to AKS. Could you please create a support ticket do we can further investigate?

Please let us know if you don't have a support plan. I will make sure to unable a one-time free support ticket for you.


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@PeterGerrard-6626 Hi Peter. We are currently experiencing what seems to be the same issue. I've been looking at it for a couple of days and I have come to the same conclusion that it is the SQL Server.

Did you ever find out what the issue really was and how to fix it?

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Hi, I am also experiencing this issue and would love to know the outcome of your issue. Any pointers would be gratefully received!

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