Entity FrameWork6 Load takes forever

Benjoe 431 Reputation points

I have a query which calls Load() after and it takes forever. Is there anyway I can optimize it. Below is my query
var EmpUsers = data.DeptRoles
.Include(x => x.ROLE)
.Include(x => x.USER)
.Where(x => x.Id == deptId && x.USER.Inactive == false);

  EmpUsers.Load(); -----> this takes forever
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  1. AgaveJoe 26,166 Reputation points

    How long is "takes forever"? How many records are returned? Can you provide the table schema and/or entity design? Maybe you need to add an index on the DeptRoles table?

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  2. Benjoe 431 Reputation points

    I have fixed the issue myself.

    var EmpUsers = data.DeptRoles;
    var roles = EmpUsers .Include(x => x.ROLE);
    var newUsers = roles.Include(x => x.USER)
    .Where(x => x.Id == deptId && x.USER.Inactive == false);

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