Hash Collision percentage on HASHBYTES SHA2_512

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Larimore Suanque 41 Reputation points

Hello, we are trying to move a large table and want to confirm the varbinary values do not change (or at least capture it if it changes). We plan to use below query:

select ID, HASHBYTES('SHA2_512', cast(blob AS VARBINARY(8000))) from BlobTable;

I understand it is possible to have the same hashvalue even for different inputs in hash collision.

Would Microsoft know what is the percentage this could happen?

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    MelissaMa-MSFT 24,116 Reputation points

    Hi @Larimore Suanque

    Please refer below links and check whether they are helpful to you. Thanks.

    Choosing the right algorithm in HashBytes function
    Hash Collision Probabilities

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