Monitor ER and vWAN limits

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As there are some specific limitations in ER and vWAN we really want to have some monitoring in place to make sure we do not hit the limits and of course get alerts when we are closing in. I've tried to get answers from MS support but they aren't helpful at all, just providing random links to documentation that is unrelated and asking to submit a feedback post for new features. So I'm turning to the community, surely I am not the first to think of monitoring the limits. Some example limits that I am mostly interested in are:

  1. Learned and Advertised prefixes over ER private peering
  2. Amount of connected VNETs to virtual HUB
  3. VM workloads across all VNETs connected to a virtual HUB

I am aware you can get learned/advertised routes from the different gateways but that doesn't actually give the correct number for 1, for example our ER Gateways are connected to multiple ER circuits, so we can only see a sum of all routes from all ER circuits and that is not what we want to see.

If anyone has ideas on how to get these monitored I'd be happy to hear.

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  1. Daniel Östlund 96 Reputation points

    I'll answer my own question.

    For 1 and 2 - answer is Powershell.
    For 3 there is no way to monitor, not even MS themselves have monitoring for this in place. But since the limit can be increased I am planning to ask to get it increased to the max.