Not able to receive UWP app window handle in C++ library integrated through winRT

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We are trying to build C++ library which is integrated in an UWP application using WinRT wrapper component.

In the library, we are trying to call the WebAuthNAuthenticatorMakeCredential API.
The API works fine in a C++ console app but we are not able to make the same API working in UWP app.

This API takes a HWND parameter as input . We have tried passing the widows handle of the UWP app but we get the below error message
This functionality is not supported in context of an app container

tried getting the hadnle in C++ using
HWND hWnd = GetActiveWindow();

also tried passing the handle from UWP using the below code

[ComImport, Guid("45D64A29-A63E-4CB6-B498-5781D298CB4F")]
interface ICoreWindowInterop
IntPtr WindowHandle { get; }
bool MessageHandled { set; }

dynamic corewin = Windows.UI.Core.CoreWindow.GetForCurrentThread();
var interop = (ICoreWindowInterop)corewin;
var handle = interop.WindowHandle;

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