How to create a site collection using a backup of another site

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I'm using SharePoint 2013 on premise, I would like to create a site using a backup copy of another site. Is this possible?

I'm only seeing information on how to restore a backup of a site with its own backup.


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  1. Emily Du-MSFT 43,331 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    @Raquel Fong-Yit

    There're two options to create a site collection by using another backup site collection.

    1.Save site as a template.
    (1)Go to Site Settings -> In the Site Actions section, click Save site as a template -> Click Include Content.


    (2)Go to Site Settings -> In the Web Designer Galleries section-> Solutions -> Activate the backup file -> Click the file -> Download the backup file.


    (3)Go to Central Administration -> Create a site collection -> In the Select a template section, Custom tab, choose Select template later.


    (4)Go to the new site collecion -> Solution Gallery -> Upload the backup file -> Activate the backup file.


    (5)Go to the new site collecion again -> In the Select a template section, Custom tab, select the backup file.


    Backup a site collection.

    Backup-SPSite http://vemdum205vm/sites/emilytest -path C:\backup.bak  

    Create a new site collection by using backup file.

    Restore-SPSite http://vemdum205vm/sites/emilytest1 -path C:\backup.bak  

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  2. sadomovalex 3,631 Reputation points

    if by "site" you mean site collection and it was backuped via Backup-SPSite you may restore it with Restore-SPSite cmdlet. The problem with this approach is that it will work only if source and target Sharepoint farms have the same CU version (and it is not problem if you backup and restore on the same web application). However there is workaround for this issue with restoring site on different Sharepoint version: How to restore site collection from higher Sharepoint version.

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  3. Lessie Burke 0 Reputation points

    To create a site collection using a backup of another site, you can follow these general steps:

    Obtain the backup of the site: Ensure that you have a backup of the site that you want to restore as a site collection. This backup can be in the form of a database backup or a backup file provided by your content management system.

    Prepare the target environment: Make sure you have a suitable environment to restore the site collection. This typically involves setting up a new web application or site collection in your content management system.

    1. Restore the backup: Depending on the specific content management system you are using, the steps to restore the backup may vary. Here are the general steps for some common systems:

    SharePoint: Use the SharePoint Central Administration site to restore the backup. Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Restore from a backup, and follow the prompts to select the backup file and restore it as a new site collection.

    • WordPress: Use a plugin like UpdraftPlus or Duplicator to restore the backup. Install the plugin, navigate to its settings, and choose the option to restore a backup. Select the backup file and follow the plugin's instructions to restore it as a new site.

    Configure the site collection: After the restore process is complete, you may need to configure the newly created site collection. This involves setting up permissions, configuring site settings, and customizing the site to fit your requirements.

    Test and validate: Once the site collection is set up, thoroughly test it to ensure that everything is functioning as expected. Check for any issues or discrepancies compared to the original site.

    It's important to note that the specific steps may vary depending on the content management system you are using and the backup method employed. Be sure to consult the official documentation or resources provided by your CMS for detailed instructions tailored to your specific setup.

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