How to automate publishing multiple Azure Functions from Visual Studio (or some other way possibly)?


I have posted this question earlier, but I didn't get clear responses (instead somebody asked me another question).
I have built a pipeline where I use Azure Function to get data thru Http Request from a third party vendor's API.
It is not REST API.

I use Azure Data Factory to move data.
Since, during the ADF (Azure Data Factory) process, it gets timeout (due to the 4 MB size) during Web activity, I have to publish so many (about 45+) Azure Functions from Visual Studio each month just to pull data for one dataset from a third party.

Is there better way to do this than publishing Azure Functions about 45+ times?

BTW, Durable Function would not work because when the size is higher than 4 MB, it crashes in Azure Data Factory (Web activity).

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Azure Functions
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    @KingJava ,

    Thanks for reaching out to Q&A.

    In order to automate the deployment process, you can build a CI/CD pipeline via Azure devops. There are two parts to this deployment, first you will have to create a git repository and push/commit your code to this repository. Second part is creating build and release pipeline so that the code from the repository is pushed to the Azure functions. As soon as you commit any code to the repository, the pipeline would be started.

    Push the code to repo:

    Build/release pipeline in Azure devops: (suggesting this article as this looks simple)

    I hope this helps!

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