iOS RDP Client app Bluetooth mouse movement issue (can't move remote cursor)

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I have been using the official MS RDP client app on iPad/iPhone for some time, but recently decided to try it with a Bluetooth mouse, instead of using fingers on touchscreen. Also using a Bluetooth keyboard.

I've got most current app (10.3.6) and running current iOS (15.4)

I have no issues connecting the mouse to iOS device, and mouse works great in iOS. But when in an RDP session to a Win10 machine, the local iOS mouse movement, does not "pass to" the Win10 machine, I see the remote Win10 arrow cursor in the middle of the screen, and I see the local iOS mouse dot cursor, which I can move fine.

I can left/right click, and scroll on the mouse, and see that those actions pass to the remote Win10 machine, but I just cannot get it to move the cursor on the remote machine. (I can move Win10 cursor fine with finger on touchscreen)

I've searched, and only thing I find is a thread from 2020 here that is describing the exact issue I have:

I've checked out everything mentioned in this 2020 thread. Unfortunately, no resolution or indication if the user ever got this working was ever posted- it just died.

  • The mouse is seen by and connected to the iOS device.
  • It kinda works with all other actions to remote machine (left/right click, scroll)
  • Bluetooth access IS enabled in the RDP app settings.

The part where it says in the App to go Settings>Input Devices, it just sits and spins and never shows ANY device, mouse or keyboard. Nothing shows up there except spinning cursor goes on forever.

The Bluetooth keyboard works fine, the mouse is sending some input to remote device, even though the app's "Device List" is blank.

Everything is fine except for the stupid remote cursor won't move with the local mouse movement.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really want to stick with the RDP app, but if this doesn't work out, I'll need to move to some alternative app.


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