How can we use TTS when using capitals?

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We have auto generated text that uses capital letters in a sentence.
Exemple :
ATTENTION, there is a FIRE reported in your street.
We need to call out this info, using Azure TTS, however the capital words are not pronounced but spelled letter by letter. Is there a way to deal with this (without changing the source program that provides us this sentence, since this is not our software.

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  1. GiftA-MSFT 11,161 Reputation points

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. 'MAINSTREET' doesn't seem to be a correct English word, it should be 'Main Street' instead. I suppose that's why it's spelled out. However, you can improve the pronunciation of the word using SSML. Below, I've defined SSML to improve pronunciation using say-as element.

    <speak xmlns="" xmlns:mstts="" xmlns:emo="" version="1.0" xml:lang="en-US"><voice name="en-US-JennyNeural"><prosody rate="0%" pitch="0%"><say-as interpret-as="address">MAINSTREET</say-as></prosody></voice></speak>


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  1. Erik Buckens 21 Reputation points

    In Dutch, we have eg streetnames in 1 word :
    WIELTJESTRAAT => is spelled with TTS (meaning : not understandable)
    WIELTJE STRAAT => is pronconced correct with TTS

    I've tried the same in English :
    MAIN STREET => is pronconced correct with TTS
    MAINSTREET => is spelled with TTS (meaning : not understandable)

    No idea why.... since MAINSTREET is I guess just "a normal word" as ATTENTION ?

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