create button using vba code

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Dear, I have an excel workbook having excel sheet, named 1) Item List, 2) INVOICE and 3) INVOICELIST. In INVOICE sheet I want to create 4 no's of button by using VBA CODE, 1) save button by clicking only invoice contents as per invoice no., date, party name and sale details as per item wise, will be transfer to in a row of INVOICE LIST sheet, but formula will not be clear , 2) edit button, by clicking previous invoice contents can be altered , 3) cancel button, by clicking delete invoice contents by mistakenly which have created and its cancellation effects would be effected in INVOICE LIST sheet , 4) NEW INVOICE button, by clicking next invoice no. would be generate for preparing next invoice. In INVOICE LIST sheet, where DATA of INVOICE sheet would be appearing permanently, as per invoice no., date, consumer, May I get help to solve the problem?

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