Force Auto-Enrollment of Client after Co-Management Enabled?

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I enabled co-management yesterday and I see in the log on the client that it attempted to enroll once and failed. I then changed the compliance workload to Pilot Intune and I'm waiting for it to try auto enrolling again but it doesn't. I've rebooted the clients and that doesn't seem to help. It troubles me that the log file says "Auto-enrollment has been cancelled, no more pending enrollment." now also.

How can I force it to attempt auto enrollment again? I don't really understand what is happening here.

The reason given for the initial failure to enroll was that I had Windows 10 blocked in Intune as a platform accepted for enrollment. I fixed that and I am really trying to get them to attempt auto enrollment again.

Microsoft Intune Enrollment
Microsoft Intune Enrollment
Microsoft Intune: A Microsoft cloud-based management solution that offers mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management capabilities.Enrollment: The process of requesting, receiving, and installing a certificate.
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  1. Colin 1 Reputation point

    I have one of the two devices working now, though it created a duplicate device.

    I removed the devices from the targeted SCCM collection, forced a sync on each SCCM client... saw the log go to enroll false etc... put them back in the collection and forced another sync... so one of the two computers seems to have enrolled and the other vanished from the intune portal and has not come back no matter how many times I try

    It left the device which was originally added as managed by configmgr and then created a new one with managed by co-manage.

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  2. Colin 1 Reputation point

    The second computer finally went to co-managed and is in the intune portal now. I am left with a duplicate device in the intune portal and I'm not sure if I should be deleting it manually or if it might clean itself up.

    The second device that enrolled did not create a duplicate.

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  3. CiciWu-MSFT 1,166 Reputation points

    Based on my research and test, generally speaking, when the co-management device failed to be enrolled, it will contact CM client and sync the co-management policy and status again. When the policy has updated and status comes to complicated, it will start to enroll to Intune again. After successfully enrolled, it will delete the old device with managed by configmgr and then created a new one with managed by co-manage automatically.

    Therefore, if we have met such situation next time, we are able to wait for hours to let the CM client sync the status and enroll the device again. If the enrollment still failed, we can do the steps that you mentioned in first answer.

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