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chatMessage subscription validated and created but never fired


A POST request containing resource = /me/chats/{threadId}/messages returns 201 and validates notificationUrl using Validation: Testing client application reachability for subscription successfully.

But, when sending messages, creating and ending recordings, in the above-mentioned thread, before expirationDateTime is reached, no notification is ever fired.

In the meantime, manually requesting GET{threadId}/messages works.


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@TianaLemesle-0906 - Are you getting any error error it's just sending notification after expirationDateTime ?

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I am not getting any error and nor receiving any notification, neither before nor after expirationDateTime.

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@TianaLemesle-0906-Sorry for delay, We are check it from our end and let you know.

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@TianaLemesle-0906-Can you share a client-request-ID (it is in response headers) for the initial subscription creation request? Also the expiration time you sent.

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