Unable to find or open .p12 file located on Azure SQL VM (Key file path for Google BigQuery in Azure Data Factory)

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I'm trying to set up a copy activity to copy tables from an Azure SQL VM to Google BigQuery.

I have successfully

  • set up an SH-IR on the VM
  • created a Linked AKV service
  • created a linked SQL Server service with the Azure SQL VM

I'm now trying to create a linked service with the Google BQ connector. I've uploaded the .p12 file to the VM and filled out the key path as C:\Users\me\Documents\myp12file.p12 and am getting the following error when testing the connection:

ERROR [28000] [Microsoft][DriverOAuthSupport] (8706) Unable to find or open file from: C:\Users\me\Documents\myp12file.p12
ERROR [28000] [Microsoft][DriverOAuthSupport] (8706) Unable to find or open file from: C:\Users\me\Documents\myp12file.p12
Activity ID: c2b286d8-c07c-48f4-b30f-4788c8b70b65.

The docs say full path, so I assume this is right but it's not working.

I've attached pics as well.

Thanks for the help.



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  1. Bill LaLonde 11 Reputation points

    Fixed!!! Docs are incorrect. A .p12 key file DOES NOT WORK; It must be a JSON file. Also, the key file cannot be read inside of the Users directory. I have moved the JSON file to the C:\ directory and the connection is successful.

    This Q&A post was helpful in aiding me: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/608589/data-factory-big-query-linked-service-does-not-rea.html

    I have an open issue in the Azure Docs GitHub to fix the documentation: https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs/issues/90636

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