Subscription disabled without explanation (URGENT help needed!!!)

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Sorry for the clickbait title but this is very seriously affected our company because MS disabled our main subscription with all VMs and DBs and storage accounts we can't even move our backups. Thousands of our customers lost access to our services. It is really urgent issue.

We urgently need your assistance! Today Microsoft without any prior notification disabled our Azure subscription (ID 92bdd511-0d24-49e1-a22f-21613cb66249).

We tried to solve the issue with Azure paid support but got robot replies without any assistance. Support request 2203290050002460.

Since, our subscription is disabled we can't pull backups and restore our services. It is really terrible.

Today we received a notification:
Case SIR9472242
Reported Source:
92bdd511-0d24-49e1-a22f-21613cb66249 has been terminated

One of our products is Plumsail Forms. Users can create own forms and publish them online. Some users are creating phishing forms but we constantly monitor suspicious activity and immediately block them. Someone reported one of such forms to Microsoft and they got our subscription disabled. This form was removed and user disabled before our subscription disabling. We worked proactively and handled it on our side. Despite this, we got our subscription disabled.

Please help us to restore our services. This is really important to us and thouthands of our customers.

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