visual studio2019->extension->Driver->Test->ConfigureDevice FAIL 10060(TimedOut)

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The target machine was guest os under hyperV. I set up kdnet debug by kdnet.exe from the page I was sure that the target os could be debugged because the windbg at the host machine could break the target os.
At the visual studio, I try configure the target machine by extension->Driver->Test->ConfigureDevice. But it was fail.
Installing necessary components...
Failed operation: An error occurred while connecting from the remote machine.
Error: 10060(TimedOut)
Error message:由于连接方在一段时间后没有正确答复或连接的主机没有反应。连接尝试失败。

I closed firewall that was in both host and target os. But nothing was better.

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Windows Hardware Performance
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