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I'm trying out the POST /teams/{id}/clone endpoint with a user access token and it seems to work fine for the most part.
I set the partsToClone property to "apps, tabs, settings, channels, members" and members/channels/settings get copied.
My issue is that apps don't get copied to the new team. Is this a known bug or am I missing something?

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  1. Sayali-MSFT 2,176 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    You cannot copy the whole structure of Team. You can copy the following parts in Team using POST /teams/{id}/clone Graph API

    apps - Copies Microsoft Teams apps that are installed in the team.

    channels – Copies the channel structure (but not the messages in the channel).

    members – Copies the members and owners of the group.

    settings – Copies all settings within the team, along with key group settings.

    tabs – Copies the tabs within channels.

    When tabs are cloned, they are put into an unconfigured state -- they are displayed on the tab bar in Microsoft Teams, and the first time you open them, you'll go through the configuration screen. (If the person opening the tab does not have permission to configure apps, they will see a message explaining that the tab hasn't been configured.)

    When we tried with same app install in clone team it gives message App already exist. Could you please check it once or share screenshots or repro steps so we can try it from our end?

    Ref. Doc:-

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  2. cubb77 1 Reputation point

    Hello Sayali an guys,

    I have got similar problems specially with copying Private channels. Maybe I am wrong but I could not find any word about "copying private channels is not supported" in the documentation... And I suppose, after huge troubleshoting, that it is not supported... Am I right Sayali? Also customizing the "mailNickname": attribute is ignored (by the way this problem is unfixed >3 years) and the mailNickname is created from display name instead... My question is what is this cloning environment for, when it does not work as it should? And when I try to use team template disaster, it also corrupt private channel - it change channel to standard and does not create channel site as bonus without possibility to change channel privacy... Somebody should fix this paid mess at last please... Thanks

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