Bing Ads API docs has a broken link

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I've been trying to debug a Bing Ads API issue, and I need to get the SOAP output. Bing Ads API python uses SUDS, provided by a thirdparty lib hosted on pypi.

If you start here:

And click through "suds-jurko-0.6" (as that is was is being used) you end up here:

But this has no useful information about how it works, or how to get it's logs etc..

From here I clicked "home page" so I could understand it a bit more - perhaps looking through the code base, and you end up here:

This is a broken link. The repo doesnt appear to exist anymore.

It's hard to debug to the SOAP/SUDS logs without knowing a bit more about the library you are using under the hood.
Is it possible to get a hold of docs/code to understand this library? And if not, are Microsoft going to move away from this? It feels a bit weird/wrong having no way of knowing what youre using in the code base in order to use an official API.

Microsoft Advertising API
Microsoft Advertising API
A Microsoft API that provides programmatic access to Microsoft Advertising to manage large campaigns or to integrate your marketing with other in-house systems.
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