How hard is it to get Excel VBA to do Data Entry to Chrome/Edge Websites without sendkey?

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OS: Windows 10 Enterprise
Programs: MS Excel 2016 Pro Plus, Chrome, MS Edge

A while back I made a sassy little tool that logged data into online forms using a very messy sendkey script. It saved me hundreds of excruciating hours of fat-fingering data each year and technically "worked", but it was messy and no one wants to deal with sendkey tools, no matter how much time it saves (literally 90%). So I thought the solution was an outside program, I looked into Selenium for data entry and data scraping, but then I found out my workplace doesn't allow 3rd party downloads without an over-the-top screening and security process for each account request, so 3rd party downloads are out the window, especially in regards to ease of access and adoption.

Goal: Make excel vba script that can automatically do stuff in chrome or MS Edge, and make it appealing/easy for mates to up adoption.
Limitations: No 3rd party stuff, Dummy proof (e.g. no sendkeys)
Question: Can I do this without downloaded programs? Do I need the elusive powershell & active x? Is there a guide to help a noob like me?

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