rerun HCW after failed exchange server

Jan De Smet 66 Reputation points

Hello, I don't know if the is the right place on this forum to post my question. We have a customer who had several Exchange 2010 on prem servers. One of them was the one on which the HCW was run. The server got decommissioned / deleted. I than took over the project, and installed a new exchange 2016 onprem / hybrid server. I decommissioned the remaining exchange 2010 servers. We now only have one exchange 2016, only used for mgmt purpose. We have no onprem mailboxes anymore. I already raised a support ticket for more info. Can we safely rerun the hcw on the new exch2016 server? We have about 2300 online mailboxes. Many thanks. Jan

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Microsoft Exchange Hybrid Management
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  1. Andy David - MVP 143.8K Reputation points MVP

    Ok, in that case, re-run on the new server. You didnt mention that part before :)
    You can run the wizard and see if it complains about anything.

    But like I said, its not absolutely required generally in your scenario to have a hybrid config enabled.

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  1. Andy David - MVP 143.8K Reputation points MVP

    Yes, you can re-run it as many time as you want.

    Just make sure you have met the pre-reqs


    If you have no mailboxes on-prem and ONLY use the server for mgmt, then you probably do not even need to run the Wizard. Its not required in that scenario

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  2. Jan De Smet 66 Reputation points

    Hello AndyDavid, many thanks for your reply. It is not necessary to rerun the HCW? Even if the HCW has been run on an old decomissioned exchange? I always thought, once you run the hcw, and you keep one exchange onprem for mgmt purposes, you need to rerun the hcw? I opened several support tickets, and no one ever suggested this. again thank you.

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  3. Andy David - MVP 143.8K Reputation points MVP

    You dont need hybrid if Exchange is only used for Management :)

    If you are running AADConnect, then you need that Exchange Server on-prem of course, but thats not related to Hybrid.

    You only need hybrid enabled if you still have on-prem mailboxes, on-prem public folders or use on-prem Exchange as a SMTP relay to Exchange Online

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  4. Jan De Smet 66 Reputation points

    I read that the information on your suggested link. But it also states: We recommend against removing Exchange and the hybrid configuration at this point.
    So for my interpretation, this means - keeping the hybrid config. (and rerun the hcw - when necessary)
    At this moment I cannot create an office 365 mailbox from my onprem server. I cannot even login to the O365 tab in my ecp. The option simply is not there. And the office 365 tab always reverts to a general m365 page.

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