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Do you know how to activate ViewBag in PageModel (x.cshtml.cs files) of core 3.1? Thanks

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  1. AgaveJoe 26,671 Reputation points

    Razor Pages use TempData.

  2. Michael Taylor 49,701 Reputation points

    You do not have access to ViewBag inside PageModel. There are hacks to get it to work but there is no reason to do so.

    To store data temporarily you must use TempData or ViewData. If you need access to the data in the view then use ViewData instead of ViewBag.

    public class Index: PageModel
       //Preferred approach
       public KeyValuPair<string, string>[] Values { get; set; }
       public void OnGet ()
          //Only if really, really needed
          ViewData["Values"] = kvpArray;
       var kvp = ViewData["Values"] as KeyValuePair<string, string>[];

    I should point out that an array of KeyValuePair is really just a dictionary so if you simply use Dictionary<K,V> your code would be easier to work with I believe.

  3. Zhi Lv - MSFT 32,051 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @S A ,

    ViewBag is a wrapper around the ViewData dictionary and provides an alternative way to access ViewData contents within ASP.NET Core MVC controllers using dynamic properties instead of string-based indexes. A design decision was made NOT to include a ViewBag property in the Razor Pages PageModel class, but you can use ViewBag to reference ViewData entries from within a Razor content page or layout page:

    Like this:


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  4. S A 81 Reputation points

    Thank you very much for everyone.

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