Logic App query Azure Table using HTTP and Managed Identity authentication

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Hello all,

I am trying to query Azure Table using the HTTP connector without success.

According to this document managed identity authentication is now possible for Azure Table:

I have authorized the managed identity of the consumption logic app in the azure table using PowerShell as the documentation sugests.

New-AzRoleAssignment -ObjectID xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx `  
    -RoleDefinitionName "Storage Table Data Contributor" `  
    -Scope  "/subscriptions/<subscription>/resourceGroups/<resource-group>/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/<storage-account>/tableServices/default/tables/<table>"  

Then in the logic app I've filled the request as documented in:


The run fails with forbidden missing authorization header.

    "body": {  
        "odata.error": {  
            "code": "AuthenticationFailed",  
            "message": {  
                "lang": "en-US",  
                "value": "Server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of Authorization header is formed correctly including the signature.\nRequestId:8d5dbe66-d002-0005-26e6-45da23000000\nTime:2022-04-01T16:35:57.2213453Z"  

Any ideas?

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  1. MayankBargali-MSFT 69,991 Reputation points

    @Jorge Rodrigues Thanks for reaching out. I will suggest you to verify the managed identities with the logic app document and reverify if you have enabled the managed identities and assigned the right permission for which you have performed the operation. I believed you have already verified the same but sharing the same with for the community to validate it.

    As per the screenshot, I can see you have defined x-ms-date with the utcNow() and it is not correctly formatted as per documented here. Please leverage the 2019-02-02 or above x-ms-version so you don't face any authentication issues in case if you have set up the configuration correctly as per the managed identities with the logic app document.

    I have used the below header and I was able to successfully execute the storage table REST API.

    x-ms-date : formatDateTime(utcNow(),'r')  
    x-ms-version : 2021-04-10  
    Accept : application/json;odata=fullmetadata  



    Feel free to get back to me if you need any assistance.

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