How to 'manually' calculate the listbox thumb position relative to the item top index?

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How do windows calculate the top index relative to the scrollbar thumb position?

Example, when the thumb is at:

  • y17, then the top index is 0
  • y25, top index is 1
  • y32, top index is 2
  • etc


I'm working on creating/customizing a custom list box where each row can have a different height.

I found it easy to create a separate control to 'mimic' the scrollbar than try to customize the Listbox built-in scrollbar.

A draft: 189404-2022-04-01-19-41-39.gif

The problem is: whenever a new item is added to the list box I need to recalculate all this information of top index/thumb position again because these values changes according to the number of items/height, and this information is needed to 'mimic' the built-in Listbox scrollbar.

How I'm getting this info: a loop that iterates all Listbox items:


SendMessage with WM_VSCROLL and SB_LINEDOWN
to scroll one line down, and move between the indexes.

2- GetScrollBarInfo
to retrieve the thumb y position.

to retrieve the top index relative to the current thumb position.

But this loop (1-2-3) process takes a lot of time.

Does someone know if there's any 'formula' to calculate this information?

I mean, when the thumb is at y, the top index is x;

Or if there's a 'faster' option than looping all indexes as I'm doing.

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