insert holidays to weekday

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i build a Monthly hourly report

A10:A40 is the date =DATE(H6,E6,1) E6=month H6=year

B10:B40 is weekday formatted as"dddd"

i have spreadsheet called holidays A:A= holiday date B:B = holiday name
i want to replace the name of the weekday to the name of the holiday name if the date is holiday
my code for now is


so im if holidays date fall on the month date it replace the weekday name to "holiday" But I want the name of the holiday
as you can see i included in the code holidays!A:C,3,0 where "C" is the result of A:B and "3" is the value to return
so the code is =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(A10,holidays!A:C,3,0)),TEXT(WEEKDAY(A10),"dddd")

i'm not an expert in excel

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