A Novel API (Patches) approach to mitigate cheating in AI Proctored online Examination Systems

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My name is Amadasun Osamuyimen, a Cyber Security PhD student of African center of excellence and Technology Enhancement Learning of National Open university of Nigeria (ACETELNOUN). My project work (Thesis) is currently on a secure AI proctored online Examination Systems. As a way to come up with solutions to mitigate e-cheating in an AI Proctored online Examination Systems
i am proposing a new approach system that provides security to improve on-line (AI) proctored examination systems by utilizing technologies such as API patches that would detect and Block an external camera and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables for multiple Screen display, when in use to cheat in an AI enabled Proctored Examination Systems. The API (Patches) should synchronize with the windows operating system to be able to detect and Block, external camera and HDMI cable that are in use, thereby prompting a Red flag indicator at the server side.
Previous AI Proctored Examination system has mechanism/ intelligence for detecting internet protocol (IP), the behaviour detector such as face detector use for tracking eyes, mouth opening, speech recording by the microphone, facial recognition, Biometric Authentication, prevention and detection of external smart phones, screen sharing software when in use but have no idea or intelligence for detecting when external camera and HDMI cables are connected to ports of system unit during Online Proctored examination System for cheating and impersonation.
I am using this medium to solicit the technical support of Microsoft team in partnership with me to develop API that can detect and block HDMI cable and external camera connected to a system ports. This will improve the security system of AI Proctored Online Examination System using API (Patches) that can be incorporated into the already existing system to fulfill a secured online AI Proctored examination System.
In Nigeria this is a prevalence cyber crimes in our online examination systems
your prompt response will be highly appreciated

Amadasun Osamuyimen

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