Surface 7 SSD is locked by Bitlocker and I deleted Windows Boot Manager and Can't boot from USB Drive

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I have a Surface Pro 7 device. Couple of days back when I restarted the device for installation of certain updates, it restarted with a screen saying - "Preparing Bitlocker Recovery". After few minutes it came up to Black Screen of Death with a message about Driver Power Failure and it restarted. Again it came to same "Preparing Bitlocker Recovery" and back to same Black Screen of Death. It went in loops and I could not get out of it. Though I always have my Bitlocker recovery key but it was not coming up to the screen where I have to Key in the Recovery Key.

I thought better to boot from USB Recovery disc. I tried that but it never booted from that too. Then I tried internal storage of SDCard Drive, with bootable recovery disc, but even that drive was un recognizable to boot from.

I thought that may be Windows Boot Manager is corrupted and it is not allowing to boot from either of the external drives, hence I deleted it from UEFI. But then that was my last mistake. This time onwards it is not even coming to "Preparing Bitlocker Recovery" screen. Systems starts upto Microsoft Logo and then just stays there for ever. I tried fixing it with Microsoft support team but they told me that it seems to be hardware issue.

I am still not convinced, with the same. Upon further research I understood that if SSD drive is locked with Bitlocker it will not allow any other external drives to boot from. Worst part is now I dont even have a Windows Boot Manager.

It is a surface device which we can't even open to put the SSD (if it is slot one) in another system and try to make it working.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME TO COME OUT OF THIS DEADLOCK. I understand, there should be some way to

  1. Restore delete Windows Boot Manager
  2. Enable external USB drive to boot from recovery disk OR Windows 10 bootable USB disk.

Please Help before the only option left is to break open the surface device to retrieve my data.


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