PWA displayed application permissions in the Microsoft Store

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I created a PWA application using and submitted it to the Microsoft Store.

The submission was successful, the application was listed in the store, and I was able to verify that it installed properly on several Windows 10 machines.

So this question in NOT about how to create or submit PWA applications to the Microsoft Store.

In the store listing, my application is shown as being able to:

Access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, programs, and registry:

The application is written in JavaScript and runs entirely in a Microsoft Edge browser.

All that the application does is display a web page.

I believe that the store is listing the access capabilities of the Microsoft Edge browser itself which is running in "Full Trust" mode, not the access capabilities of the application running in the browser sandbox.

What is the official Microsoft policy on listing PWA applications in the Microsoft Store? Are they considered potentially dangerous?

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