OneNote - Within a file, how do I take notes where the newest is on top and all older notes get 'pushed' down - Sort of like a resume in reverse chronology

Fluhrer, Alan 6 Reputation points

Love OneNote. IS the following possible?

Taking notes all day, I want to use OneNote, but... This file will get big, fast. I would like the following

  • While taking my notes today, on a Friday. Then yesterday, (Thursday), and all other older notes, would automatically get pushed down. So whenever I take my next notes, the newest are always on top.

Sort of like...After a month of notes, scrolling down would be for incrementally older notes. Instead of all my new notes starting at the bottom of the document, they would always start on top. This would be really helpful

Thanks in advance

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OneNote Management
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  1. Emily Hua-MSFT 27,601 Reputation points

    Hi @Fluhrer, Alan ,

    Welcome to Q&A forum ~

    > OneNote - Within a file

    Do you want to sort your content in each page according to the date created?
    If so, your needs is unable to achieved at current time. Unless you manually leave blank space at the top for new content later on.

    ------- Update -------

    To do it, you can hold on Ctrl key and select each textbox, or press Ctrl and A to select whole textboxes, then dag down to leave space at the top.

    In the textbox, if you want to more space to enter text, you can press Enter key to get new rows, it will not cover the previous textbox below.

    ------- Update ------

    For the notebooks pages under each section, there is a sort button as the following image shown, you sort alphabetically, numerically, or in some other order.
    So, maybe you could try to make subpages under a specificed page, to create a new subpage, move the mouse pointer over a page tab, then click and drag the page tab to the right until the title is indented.

    If each subpage includes the notbooks in one day, then you can sort them via date created in descending order.
    Such as the Test section includes "11111" page, "1:36 PM" and "1:35 PM" are the subpages under "11111", these 2 subpages are sorted via date created.

    Hope the informatio could be helpful to you.

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  2. Fluhrer, Alan 6 Reputation points

    Sorry maybe I did not describe the issue well

    THink of this more like a Microsoft Word document editing function. I will include an image, hopefully

    If I take notes on Monday. On Tuesday I want to keep taking notes.

    On Tuesday I place my cursor at the top of the page, hit "Enter" a few times, and everything blow gets 'pushed down' as I keep adding notes.

    On Wednesday, same thing.

    By doing this, my most recent notes are always near the top. And, the entire document is in reverse-chronological order.

    Currently I cannot seem to find a way for OneNote to function like this. It seems like a simple thing


  3. Fluhrer, Alan 6 Reputation points

    I looked at your previous answer with the GIF example, and thought it might work. It did not.

    My notes are a few documents. But mostly hand written stuff

    So here is what I tried

    • Put cursor near the top of this page where there was room to insert a text box
    • Inserted a text box and kept hitting "Return". Thinking it might 'push everything down on the page. But it did not.

    Any suggestions, thanks in advance.


  4. Fluhrer, Alan 6 Reputation points


    Thanks. I have tried this, but I guess I write too sloppy. Although I can understand my notes- LOL

    I figured this was going to be the ultimate answer. Thought I would ask the experts here to see if I was missing something

    Thanks for trying