macro to copy from open workbook to a closed workbook

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I need a macro that will copy only what is visible from column A to columns BD (some rows and columns are hidden and should not be copied) from sheet 1 named "import" from an open workbook to sheet 1 named "best" from a closed workbook named "Master" which is on my desktop. eg: copy from open workbook /import to closed workbook Master/ best.

1) my active workbook is .xlsm extensions

2) must keep values and formats, but not formulas

3) must ignore hidden rows and columns

4) only rows with data should be copied

I need to copy up to 15 times to the same sheet "best" in the same closed workbook named "Master". (than I filter and print the results)

Each copy should start from "import" column A row 2 downwards and copied to the closed workbook "Master" / "best" to start in column B row 2

The 2nd copy must start in the next row under the 1st copy's last row in column B and so on until all the copies are done (some times up to 15 copies)

Each copy varies in the number of rows to be copied, the columns are always the same.

I use Windows 10 and Excel 13

I hope that I have explained my self properly, as you can see I'm no good with macro's or vba code.

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