Contig error on large disks

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I am trying to defrag the mft on a moderately large JBOD (174TB)

It is failing:

E:\>C:\Users\Administrator\Downloads\Contig\Contig64.exe -v e:\$Mft

Contig v1.81 - Contig
Copyright (C) 2001-2021 Mark Russinovich

Processing e:\$Mft:
Scanning file...
Scanning disk...
File is 1048271 physical clusters in length.
File is in 341 fragments.

Moving 40105 clusters at file offset cluster 1 to disk cluster 2716396907

File size: 68699553792 bytes
Fragments before: 341
Fragments after : 341
Processing e:\$Mft::$BITMAP:
Scanning file...
e:\$Mft::$BITMAP is already in 1 fragment.
     Number of files processed:      2
     Number of files defragmented:   1
     Number unsuccessfully procesed: 1
     Average fragmentation before: 171 frags/file
     Average fragmentation after : 171 frags/file

The cluster number 2716396907, exceeds the largest 32-bit integer and it's probably the root cause of the failure (even though I'm running contig64). Maybe the call that is failing can be replaced with a call that supports 64-bit (or unsigned integers), that would be the best solution. If that is not an option then it should be documented that the tool may fail on large disks.

My question - How to get this info to the maintainers/developers of contig.exe?

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