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So, we have a "dropbox" folder which is meant to submit work to the teacher with list folder contents, write and append permissions for students (no read or delete; even their own files), and the teachers have modify rights to all. Recently in the last few weeks, there have been a lot of 0 KB files being created. This normally was because a student tried to "Save As..." to the dropbox folder instead of drag and dropping or copying and pasting like they are instructed. The teacher who classes are using this is very familiar with that behavior and has been using it for years with the students, so they always told to drag and drop or copy and paste so the entire file can make its way to the folder for submissions/grading.

As mentioned recently there are a lot of these 0 KB files and " - Copy" and " - Copy (2)" type files showing up. When I tested things myself, I created a Word document with a couple words in it, saved it to desktop, closed Word, and dragged and dropped the file. No issue. I went to a student machine and used one of their files. I renamed it to a unique name so I did not affect anything the student had submit and dropped it in the dropbox. I was prompted do I want to replace the file...but this is the first time I was copying or dragging that file name to the folder. I hit skip and this is where the 0 KB file is coming from. Now even though I skipped the 0 KB file with the name I had used was in the dropbox. I renamed the files again to a different unique name and did the same, but this time instead of skipping I chose to replace the file. It copied up without issue leaving on the one file at 60 MB.

After much testing, I determined that this issue is size related. I confirmed the size is over exactly 8 MB in which it starts to ask to replace the file even on the first copy. If the file was 8,190 KB or 8,192 KB it did not ask me to replace it and just copies. If the file was 8,193 KB it asked me to replace the file.

6,552 KB did not ask to replace.
7,593 KB did not ask to replace.
8,168 KB did not ask to replace.
8,190 KB did not ask to replace.
8,192 KB did not ask to replace.
8,192 KB = 8 MB IS THE CUTOFF.
8,193 KB DID ask me to replace the file.
8,539 KB DID ask me to replace the file.

Operating system version: 19043.1586 (21H1 March Update)

So, with all this in mind...it seems this started a couple of weeks ago possibly with the 1586 Mach update. Was there something changed in how files copy to create some sort of empty shell of a file and then continuing to update the file with the remainder of the content for files over 8 MB in size? This seems to be the behavior.

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  1. Karlie Weng 15,676 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @CRoth2

    Yes, I have read your question clearly, you suspect those"0 KB files\ - Copy \ - Copy (2)" are related with file size. But this seems to be the issue of Dropbox, are you suspecting recently windows update affect this?

    If it is, you may uninstall new updates. otherwise you could try to post in Dropbox community: https://www.dropboxforum.com/t5/Help-from-the-Community/ct-p/101001000.

    Best Regards


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