Cancel all child runs in Azure ML

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How to I properly cancel all child runs in an Azure ML experiment? When I use the code below as expected from documentation, I get an error. "RunConfigurationException:
Message: Error in deserialization. dict fields don't have list element type information. field=output_data, list_element_type=<class 'azureml.core.runconfig.OutputData'>...} with exception init() missing 2 required positional arguments: 'datastore_name' and 'relative_path'"

run = Run.get(ws, 'run-id-123456789')

for child in run.get_children():
except Exception as e:

The datasets and runs were configured properly because they run just fine.

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    You should cancel all the children run by canceling the parent.

    Any benefit to cancel child once a time? Just curious

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