How to bulk invite guest users to a power Apps program

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I have a PowerApps environment to which I need to add users with specific roles.
These users are in different organizations and I would like to do this in bulk

Is it possible to create the guest users in AD in bulk, then configure the PowerApps part and only then send out the invite to the guest users?

The documentation for bulk operations does not cover this scenario.

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    OK I worked this out

    Go to Invite Guest user
    Select the link for Bulk Invite
    Download the bulk invite template
    Set the send invitation field to FALSE
    Fill out the other fields (redirect URL field needs the start http(s)//: get an error just doing www.....)
    Upload the file and hit the submit button
    Go and do all your setup over in PowerApps
    Update the bulk invite file, set the Send Invitation field to TRUE
    reimport the file and the submit button.

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  2. Anonymous

    The product group for Power apps actively monitors questions over at

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  3. CSP Admin 6 Reputation points

    I have already posted over there at PowerApps, but this question is about AD

    Azure AD supports inviting guest users
    IT does not (at least in any obvious way) support

                  1. Adding the guest Users to AD
                  2. Doing some other required set up for those users.
                  3. Then sending out a bulk invite to the users created in step 1.

    The question is, is there a way to do this, it is not documented, only the most simplistic scenarios are documented in the "bulk create/invite/delete documentation

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