Azure Function not being triggered from Event Grid Topic Subscription

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Hello. I have setup an Event Grid Topic with two Event Subscriptions. The first Event Subscription is a webhook to test an Azure Function locally in visual studio, I can invoke this by using the Azure CLI to sent a command to trigger the Event Grid Topic

The other Event Subscription is for an Azure Function to be triggered. It is an identical function to the one in Visual Studio, I have published it to Azure and can verify it is up and running.

However when I raise an Event to the Topic only the Webhook is triggered, not the Azure Function hosted. I have configured all App Settings Key Values correctly however I cannot ever seem to trigger the function when it is published to Azure. I can monitor diagnostics for the Event Grid Topic and can see Delivery Failure Events on the timeline, when I inspect the logs the "outcome" property of the logs implies that the resource is NotFound, however Azure shows the function is up, running and bound to the topic.

Any support would be appreciative, happy to provide more information on the context.

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