Supported Parameters between Trial version vs Regular version for Azure SQL Server?

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We are currently evaluating Amazon RDS SQL-Server verses Azure SQL-Server in terms of supported parameters.
My colleague has tested out with a trial version of Azure SQL-Server. However it seems like some of the supported parameters are missing while such parameters are supported by AWS RDS SQL-Server.
I have included the screenshots of the supported parameters that AWS RDS SQL-Server supports.
My question is does Azure limit the capability (supported parameters by SQL-Server) when one uses the trial version verses the regular version?
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  1. Ronen Ariely 15,106 Reputation points


    does Azure limit the capability (supported parameters by SQL-Server) when one uses the trial version verses the regular version?

    There are some limitations depending on the subscription which you are using.

    There are multiple types of free subscriptions for Azure. The most common are probably:

    (1) Visual Studio subscription 50$, 100$ or 150$

    (2) Microsoft Azure Sponsorship Offer

    (3) and the most common one: Azure free account

    Using Azure free account subscription you get $200 Azure credit which you’ll have 30 days to use it.

    In theory you can use all the options of the Azure SQL Database, but there might be a limitation on the parameter of region for example. There are some Quotas and Constraints limitation which you can read about on this document: Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints.

    After the 30 days or 200$, you can continue free for 12 months. At this time you are limited to specific free services and free services tier.

    For full information about the "Azure free account" please check this documentation:

    I also gave you the links to the other two common free subscriptions type above :-)

    I hope that this cover your needs

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  1. Anurag Sharma 17,586 Reputation points

    Hi @Dongsuk Lim , welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

    As I understand you want to know if Azure limits the features/capabilities in free trial version.

    The right answer is no, Azure does not limit any feature in free trial version vs pay-as-you-go subscription. In free version you will have limits on usage or storage but feature/parameter wise there is no difference.

    However SQL in azure comes in different flavors like Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL managed Instance or SQL Server on Azure VMs and these services differ in features. As an example below link details out the differences between Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance:

    Features comparison: Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance

    Please let us know if this helps or else we can discuss further.


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