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I want to get the selected information from the treeview from the ViewModel when the button is pressed.

<winui:TreeView HorizontalAlignment="Left"
ItemsSource="{Binding TreeDataSource}"
<winui:TreeViewItem ItemsSource="{Binding Childrens}" Content="{Binding Name}" IsExpanded="True"/>


Universal Windows Platform (UWP)
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    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    TreeView has TreeView.SelectedItem Property and TreeView.SelectedItems Property. You can use these properties to get the content of selected nodes directly. If multiple selections are enabled, SelectedItem contains the first item in the SelectedItems collection.

    Like this:

    MyDataModel selectedItem= myTreeView.SelectedItem as MyDataModel   

    For more information about TreeView, you could refer to TreeViews in UWP Apps.

    Thank you.

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