Windows 10 PC crashes when enabling USB feedback for playback endpoint (audio from host to device)

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I am developing a firmware using STM32H750 which has recording and playback endpoint. The current implementation works fine but uses threads and queues to copy packet from USB driver to I2S and it takes a lot of MIPS, many memcpy() and inefficient. My approach removes the threads and just one ring buffer shared between DMA interrupt and USB interrupt. The reader and writer index on the playback endpoint (audio from host to device) catches up in few mins and hence I tried to enable feedback, I have verified that the descriptors are fine in the current approach as USB enumerates fine, hence I expect it to work on new approach as well. Unfortunately Windows crashes and I need some help here. Are there any windows logs which I can share to debug?

Any other method to debug this issue on Windows? My PC is on the latest on windows 10 update.

If anyone can share an open source code on what to send on feedback packets, it will be really helpful.

I have updated the minidumps here.

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