How to setup lab env for temporary users like Azure training using AzurePass?

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Hi experts,

I want to prepare a small lab to train my colleagues which has some features as below...

  1. Lab users use a temporary login account just like AzurePass users for the official MS training;
    which means that lab users don't need to sign-up to Azure with their individual personal info: they don't need to use email addresses or credit cards
  2. Lab users can create and destroy freely Azure VMs, storage, VNet, and Databases(MySQL) for their study
  3. Lab users have limited access only to their own lab and each network is also limited to each env
  4. Lab users can use their lab env are limited within quota which administrator(me) has set

Does anyone have ideas to realize it? Which Azure services should be used?

Azure Lab Services
Azure Lab Services
An Azure service that is used to set up labs for classrooms, trials, development and testing, and other scenarios.
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