How do I add HTML help, or any paged help, to a C++ MFC application.

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I wanted to add help to my MFC application. I found this codeproject example. It states to use HTML Help Workshop.


I found this link to a Microsoft page for HTML Help Workshop, howver, the download links lead to pages with the text, "404 - File or directory not found."


Then I found this article stating the links are bad. It was not helpful.

The article states all downloads are now available at the download center.


I went to the "Microsoft download center" at:

and, clicked on "Developer Tools"

The Developer Tools page is at:

That has several downloads, but I can't tell if any have the tools I need to add help to my MFC application.


This is a small fraction of the searching I've done and the tools I've looked at.

I found this page to be helpful. It made me believe I want to use "HTMLHelp Version 1".

I just want to be able to launch a page that users can read to understand the advanced features of the application I've written, and I want the page built into the application. I don't wnat the application to launch a web browser.

I have a copy of htmlhelp.lib installed with the SDK that came with Visual Studio 2022.

P.S. C++ is the only correct tag. I had to supply three tags, however, none of the other tags applied to my project.

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    The links I had posted in this thread still work : HTMLHelp Workshop - download for CHM compiler installation failed
    (help files must be unlocked in Properties of Explorer)

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