Smooth scrolling on win32 app using logitech mouse

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How do I receive finer delta values "ultrahighresolutionscrollingaware" when scrolling using my logitech mouse which supports smooth scrolling. I am able to smooth scroll on all browser using it, but when I scroll in my app, I only receive (+/-)120.

When I scrolling using the touchpad in my app, I receive finer delta values ( close to 1 ).

What do I need to set or enable in my code to receive smaller delta values when scrolling using the logitech mouse?
How are all the browsers able to do? Please help...

One thing I noticed, if I set chrome or edge as the foreground app (top-most) and point the mouse at my app and scroll using the mouse, then I receive ultra high resolution delta values. Then my app smooth scrolls.

I am on Windows 11, and coding using VS 2022.

I also tried setting

<application xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v3">
<ultraHighResolutionScrollingAware xmlns="">true</ultraHighResolutionScrollingAware>

and it did not help.

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    Hello Hari-1269

    In this case, it seems that you are using the manifest correctly, but for some reason is not taking effect,

    I would recommend to send a feedback to the Visual Studio team to collect more information and help with the issue:

    You can create a feedback communication following the steps here:


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