Windows 10 Home Battery Report Fail Informations

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Dear Expert, Dear Forum Members,

  1. On 06. 06. From wholesale to our customer, the ASUS ZENBOOK PRO UX535LH-KJ213T product was brought and handed over the day. Our client today has searched our business by the question of the fact that the CMD Administrator Color \ "PowerCFG / BatteryReport / Output \" C: \ Battery_report.html \ "command line has been generated after running the CMD Administrator \" PowerCFG / BatteryReport / Output \ "C: \ Battery_Report.html \" command line. HTML Report has shown more than 2021 and dates of battery charging time when the device was not at our client or business, which obviously accounts for our client and part of us. According to Hard Disk Sentinel, SSD in the device operated a total of 0 days, 3 hours, which can be supported by the time elapsed since the transfer of our device to our customer. Thus, the device was certainly not used in use, but the \ "PowerCFG / BatteryReport / Output \" C: \ Battery_Report.html \ "command line and the data created therein was not able to provide information to our customer in the absence of practical application. In order to answer the question, 2 pieces of our warehouse. Unopened, I was disconnected by the ASUS factory security closet. For both devices in the factory preinstalled Windows, after the running of the CMD Administrator \ "PowerCFG / BatteryReport / Output \" C: \ BATTERY_REPORT.HTML \ "command line, the table was empty, the charging period was not included. In the other device, like a device assigned by our client, has shown HTML Report a battery charging period 2021 and date when the device was not even in our business and in stock and the data in the HTML-generated HTML-based table, its interpretation A clear and reassuring, satisfactory - professionally supported - answer to our client I could not give it. As a next step, I called Microsoft's customer service on the phone. The Windows product ID was made available to the Operator, which was "recognized by the Microsoft Product Key identifier as a Legal OEM identifier", but after the exact circumstance of the case, I did not receive a response from the operator, just that it would think all three new Tool hardware failure. There is no doubt; The battery is not a product of Microsoft. However, the command line in CMD was not made by ASUS engineers to evaluate and interpret the data contained thereof - it is clear that I asked for the help of Microsoft. No device is a hardware failure.

Your response and assistance is essential for the reassuring assessment of the case, given that our customer is obliged to answer every detail - our company's sales and support philosophy.

Thanks for the help,

Ferenc Suhajda

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    Hi @Ferenc Suhajda

    Sorry for all Inconvenience you had to face and your client had to face, you're right this is not a mistake by Asus and also it's not a common issue which occurs in general.

    The Hard Drive either HDD or SSD which is used in that specific Device/Laptop is possibly used in another device which was in charging, means A motherboard of other system is connected with harddrive of that laptop it can be done for any purpose either to check harddrive is working or not or any other reason.

    Windows is a software and as it keeps logs according to the use of Hardware too through BIOS it cannot have overwritten data or false data recorded.

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