Can we change the cryptography key storage path to local path instead of admin path

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When I am trying to create the Key by using api NCryptCreatePersistedKey then the key is storing under local admin user i.e.,


So can we store the keys to local user.

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  1. Junjie Zhu - MSFT 16,151 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A!

    At present, it is impossible to storage to the local path through winapi.

    According to the parameter hProvider in NCryptCreatePersistedKey is generated by NCryptOpenStorageProvider.

    SECURITY_STATUS NCryptOpenStorageProvider(  
      [out]          NCRYPT_PROV_HANDLE *phProvider,  
      [in, optional] LPCWSTR            pszProviderName,  
      [in]           DWORD              dwFlags  

    Microsoft offers three built-in key storage providers.

    [in, optional] pszProviderName  

    A pointer to a null-terminated Unicode string that identifies the key storage provider to load. This is the registered alias of the key storage provider. This parameter is optional and can be NULL. If this parameter is NULL, the default key storage provider is loaded. The following values identify the built-in key storage providers.

    Also described in the documentation.

    [in] dwFlags  

    The key applies to the local computer. If this flag is not present, the key applies to the current user.

    So it will be stored in the corresponding file by default.

    Thank you.

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