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I have Memory Integrity and Microsoft Defender Credential Guard enabled on my Windows 11, but I am unable to set the System Guard enabled even having a compatible hardware Tpm 2.0. So far, I have a few clues where the problem might lie, and I am hoping someone can assist me with that. So here are a few audited events:

Kernel Boot:

  • Windows system integrity policy does not allow to load the required system file \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\CiPolicies\Active\
    {CDD5CB55-DB68-4D71-AA38-3DF2B6473A52}.cip with error status 0xC0E90002.
  • System Guard enabled but not supported. Reason: SMX is not supported.
  • System
    • Provider
    [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Boot
    [ Guid] {15ca44ff-4d7a-4baa-bba5-0998955e531e} EventID 220 Version 0 Level 4 Task 76 Opcode 25 Keywords 0x2000000000000000
    • TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2022-04-10T12:43:35.1046864Z EventRecordID 322 Correlation
    • Execution
    [ ProcessID] 4
    [ ThreadID] 8 Channel Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Boot/Operational Computer CompName
    • Security
    [ UserID] S-1-5-18
  • EventData TxtStatus 3

Device Guard:
Device Guard successfully processed the Group Policy: Virtualization Based Security = Enabled, Secure Boot = On, DMA Protection = On, Virtualization Based Code Integrity = Enabled, Credential Guard = Enabled, Reboot required = No, Status = 0x0.

Here clearly shows that DMA Protection is on, but when I open msinfo32, here's what I get:


Any help is greatly appreciated,

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  1. Namit Sharma 0 Reputation points

    Hi Romulo I am also having the same issue. There are a few things :- 1 Does your processor support Intel TXT. 2 Does your pc meets all the requirements for system guard ( 3 Does your pc has a TPM 2.0 4 It's my Q&A refer to this for more info ( If this helps please let me know.

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