Publishing to Linux Function Apps from JetBrains Rider

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I am attempting to publish my Azure Function Apps from JetBrains Rider running in my Ubuntu operating system.
If I attempt to create the function app within the publish profile I cannot specify the operating system & so it defaults to windows, which I do not want. But at least doing it this way I do see my functions within the function app.

If I attempt to create the function app within the azure portal first I can specify the linux operating system. However when I then publish to this existing resource from Rider the console suggests the publish was successful however my functions are not actually published.
When creating within the portal to I would like to specify my own app service plan when using the dynamic consumption pricing tier, but this does not appear possible?

I was previously able to create linux based function apps when publishing from Visual Studio.

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Azure Functions
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  1. David Buckell 191 Reputation points

    Confirmed by JetBrains support to be an issue within Rider.
    Being addressed via this pull request that missed the 2022.1 release but should be included in the subsequent one.

    Although having read through and the linked articles I have decided to utilise the Azure CLI going forwards for creating & publishing Azure function apps.

    Created my function app via:

    az functionapp create --resource-group <RESOURCE-GROUP-NAME> --consumption-plan-location <REGION-NAME> --runtime dotnet --functions-version 4 --name <FUNCTION-APP-NAME> --storage-account <STORAGE-ACCOUNT-NAME> --os-type Linux  

    Published my function app via:

    func azure functionapp publish <FUNCTION-APP-NAME>  

    Also blogged my approach here:, which I'll tidy up soon.

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