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My customer is trying to delete a resource, but is receiving an error saying '[Resource Name]: The resource is the assignment owner for [Task Name] and cannot be deleted'. This customer is NOT using timesheets or task statuses so the assignment owner field has never been used, but was just filled with default values when creating tasks.

The TaskName in the error message is a generic task name (from the template), used in multiple projects. For now, the only solution we see is opening all projects, checking the assignment owner field and updating where needed. Too time-consuming in an environment with 100+ projects.

We've tried getting an SQL statement requesting TaskName, ProjectName and AssignmentOwner, but turns out AssignmentOwner is not an available field in the Project Online database. An alternative script in CSOM returned nothing but "null" values.

Is there a way, either in PWA (tasks? approvals?) or using custom code, to get a list of all assignments for which a specific user is assignment owner?

Thanks in advance!

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    The product group for Project actively monitors questions over at

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