Swap Warmup Takes Same Time as Straight Deployment

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This is a continuation of this conversation here:

I seem to be encountering warmup times after a swap that is the same as when I deploy directly to the environment. This is about 6-7 seconds. The expectation is that if the swap is doing a warmup (directly from the / root path), then the first request should be instant.

Note that no configuration is done with the swap warmup, so the ping path should be the root. This should be sufficient to load/encounter the 6-7 before the swap, but it doesn't appear to be doing so.

Tagging @Ryan Hill here... thank you very much for the conversation and investigation so far. It is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Mike-E-angelo 491 Reputation points

    Turns out this is due to a known issue, which reduces security posture and subsequently generates an Azure Advisor security warning of medium severity:


  2. Mike-E-angelo 491 Reputation points

    The mystery continues here @Ryan Hill . I just did a deployment w/ a swap and upon checking it with a request it was as fast as I had ever seen it! It had to have been under a second. Very interesting. Maybe a transient bug/issue that has been addressed? Anyways I hope this continues and will keep you updated.

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    14 freaking seconds, @Ryan Hill :P

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    Another 5-second "warm" swap @Ryan Hill ... sometimes it's 2 seconds, sometimes it's 4 seconds. Most of the time it's 5-6 seconds, but sometimes 14 seconds like 8 days ago.

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    Another 14 second deployment @Ryan Hill

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